Stranger Things: Behind The Scenes Look At The Demogorgon

Who would have thought that in 2016 – and now, bleeding into 2017 – the term Demogorgon would be commonplace in pop culture? Yes, it’s a strange world we live in indeed, and the word has gained notoriety once again due to the ultra-popular Netflix Original Stranger Things. The Demogorgon, one of the most popular enemies in classic Dungeons & Dragons, now lives on through the Duffer Brothers’ science fiction/horror series, due for a second season in 2017.

Spectral Motion, the effects group that worked on the show, recently posted a video from their Facebook page giving us a behind the scenes look at the creature from. As you can guess, it’s a little disturbing. Just the way I know you like it.

Take a look below at a test of the animatronic head:

There’s a lot more than goes into bringing the Demogorgon to life, however, and the studio is happy to show just how much goes into the creative process. The monster lives through a combination of digital and practical effects, along with the help of actor Mark Steger underneath it all. Observe!

This, my friends, is why I hold practical effects in such high regard. There is often so much more going on than just a man in a suit. Think of how many hours it took to even conceptualize the monster. Then, think about how much went into designing it. Even then, the job of the effects team is not done. You’ve got to make it work in a setting with other actors. You’ve got to actually make it come alive. When done successfully, the results can be outstanding. For more evidence, watch Guillermo Del Toro’s beautiful Pan’s Labyrinth and tell me I’m wrong. You won’t – you can’t!

I wonder if we’ll get to see more of this creature in the second season. Or, even better, I wonder what types of new creatures we will get to see. Stranger Things was actually one of the Better Things of 2016. Here’s to hoping that the second season lives up to the first.

See you in the Upside Down, friends.