Under the Dome - Big Jim

Despite a somewhat mixed reception, the second season of CBS’ Stephen King-based drama Under the Dome still did good ratings for the network, making it no real surprise that a third season of Dome has been picked up for summer 2015. CBS has yet to announce an episode order for year three, although it is highly likely to be for 13 more episodes.

Beyond just the high ratings, CBS’ reasoning for bringing back Under the Dome includes the fact that the series’ exclusive streaming deal with Amazon Prime is a huge money maker for the network, and the fact that the trials and tribulations of Chester’s Mill have proven to be quite popular internationally. In short, Under the Dome could have taken a gigantic domestic ratings hit, and still been profitable enough for CBS to warrant a renewal.

Under the Dome - Tunnels

Of course, one does have to wonder where Under the Dome’s story has left to go, as season two already saw Barbie and Sam escape from the Dome, and others find a way in. Without completely spoiling the ending of season three for those waiting until DVD, the embattled residents of Chester’s Mill are headed to someplace entirely new. Whether that will be another dimension, another town, or simply normal reality is anyone’s guess.

Also, it’s hard to imagine that Big Jim will ever be forgiven by “his people” after the horrific actions he chose to take in the season three finale. One thing’s for sure though: Under the Dome needs to find a way to reignite the spark that many felt didn’t carry over to its sophomore year. Here’s hoping Stephen King is brought back in to write the season three premiere. CBS also renewed the sci-fi alien drama Extant, starring Halle Berry, although that doesn’t much fall into our wheelhouse.


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