Written by Patti Pauley

Pretty fucken incredible how a man who has made a living over the past 40 years terrifying audiences with stories of horror and suspense such as IT and The Shining can state without hesitation on a public forum that our current Commander in Cheif is truly more horrifying than any horror story he’s ever written. Ever. Whether you agree with the legendary novelist and genre-shaping horror icon of fright or not, freedom of speech is a beautiful thing these days, isn’t it?


Now, you have to admit. If this man, this glorious man given to this Earth as a universal treasure to horror fans everywhere who has provided novelistic nightmares for millions in the form of Pet Sematary and Christine, says YOU are scarier than anything he has ever penned, then it may be time to sit back and analyze your life there buddy.

Sir Stephen of King is never one to sugar coat a damn thing with his fans, and we respect him for it. From the public outcry from clowns who have been protesting the upcoming release of IT, to his increasing political rants in the form of under 140 characters, the master of horror is not a guy who hides his true feelings on any subject. And his biggest annoyance as of late is directed straight to the oval office:





Trump has yet to respond in the typical callow Twitter fashion he is increasingly becoming trademarked for. However, be careful there Mr. King. You might end up like Stephen Colbert and get yourself caught up in an FCC investigation. We can’t have that shit with The Dark Tower and IT so close to release!

Kidding of course, but while many seem to disagree with King’s views on the subject at hand, there’s also many who agree and urge King to keep the preaching going on the social media pages.