One of the genuinely scary features of zombies is that – given the right motivation – they are an unrelenting killing force. They don’t sleep, don’t rest, and they don’t feel pain. Once they multiply exponentially, it’s basically game over.

Although we do see a glimpse of mass destruction in the trailer, It Stains the Sands Red seems like it’s less World War Z and more It Follows. Our heroine, Molly, is haunted through the vast desert by an unyielding, ravenous and highly focused zombie.

Image via Dark Sky Films
At first, she’s easily able to outpace her undead pursuer, but things quickly become a nightmare when she realizes the zombie doesn’t need to ever stop and rest. Running low on supplies and beat down by the harsh environment, Molly will have to summon the strength she never knew she had to ultimately face both the zombie and the demons that have chased her all her life.

Although a hoard of zombies is generally considered more threatening (you could say they’re Steven Seagal because that shit is Hard to Kill), there’s something about being quietly and persistently chased down that’s… frankly terrifying.

With no weapons, no supplies, and no help in sight, Molly is forced to run a deadly marathon if she hopes to survive. Like a leopard print Bear Grylls.

Directed by Colin Minihan (One half of The Vicious Brothers – Grave Encounters, Extraterrestrial), It Stains the Sands Red will be released in theaters and on digital platforms this summer.

Check out the trailer and the poster below. If you’re looking for more zombie fun, check out our list of Zombie Movies that Shambled By Without You Noticing.


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