The renowned and fan based horror convention Spooky Empire located in central Florida is taking on a new venture for you horror fans!  The new project is called Spooky Day in the Parks, and it is many horror fans wet dream… err.. or would it be nightmare?  This event will take place at, believe it or not, Walt Disney World in Florida!  The dates have recently been announced as September 22-23.

To be clear, this is not an official Disney event, rather Spooky is renting space to conduct it on their property.

This September fans of the horror community can attend the most magical place on earth in their most unearthly and villainous garb.  No fairytales and pixie dust here!  Zombie princesses?  Why not?!  Demonic woodland critters from the Hundred Acre Woods?  Bring it on!  If you have always identified more with the villains in Disney movies rather than the goody-goody princesses, then this is your chance to embrace and flaunt your dark side at the Magic Kingdom, Spooky Day in the Parks lets your horror flag fly!

Beauty and the Beast cosplayers at Spooky Empire April 2017 taken by Piper Minear

While the central location for this event will be the convention space at Disney’s Coronado Springs, multiple locations will be used as meeting places for attendees to gather.  This includes, but is not limited to, the classic Tower of Terror attraction!

While not too much information has yet to be released from the masterminds behind the event, we do know there will be a “bizzare” full of spooktacular merchandise to satisfy your spending needs, as well as the chance of a celebrity guest or two.  What a fantastic way to kick off the Halloween season!


Cruella de Vil and Maleficent at Spooky Empire April 2017 taken by Piper Minear

As more information unfolds you can be sure iHorror will be there to cover it. Yet one this is for sure; the creators behind Spooky Empire never disappoint, and you can expect this to be a spine tingling good time!

You can find more information on their website Spooky Day in the Park’s website here!  Or follow their Twitter and Facebook pages as well.