Written by Patti Pauley

If you like me as a horror fan, has a home that looks like the Halloween clearance section of your local Target, horror movie collectibles and memorabilia lining the walls of every room, and still have that skeleton hanging from the tree from Halloween four years in your front yard swinging in the wind that serves as a flag of your affection for the genre (I did until the evil HOA forced me to take down Bob the skeleton- those monsters), you are the best kind of people. And I think you’re really going to dig in what could possibly be, your next purchase for your house of horrors-  fully sized AND poseable skeleton lamps!


sskeleton lamps

This gorgeous craftsmanship of gothic lighting is the creations of husband and wife team over at Zia Priven. The fully poseable work of art, and let’s be honest- I’d have mine flashing the middle finger in all its bony glory, is mounted on a cold rolled steel base and stands at around 71 inches. You can choose your finish of Mr. Bones by selecting either bare bones, polished nickel, bronze, and even 24 karat gold; all in which will most likely set you back a pretty penny. No prices are listed on the site as the upscale online furnishing store instructs customers to email them directly for price inquiries.

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