Jason Goes to Hell has gotten a lot of flak over the years, and though I understand why many seem to dislike it, I don’t agree. I am one of the few who actually really enjoys Jason Goes to Hell, quirks and all. It seems that I’m not as alone as I thought in this sentiment.

Fans Jared Johnson and Brandon Scott Murphree want to see a Director’s Cut of the film, and they need your help. The pair has started a petition for the project to see the light of day. From Change.org, where the petition is located:

Jared Johnson and Brandon Scott Murphree are asking for everyone’s help, to bring attention to having Jason Goes To Hell made in a true “Director’s Cut”. Adam Marcus, director and co-writer of Jason Goes To Hell, has expressed interest in this being made. Many scenes were cut and unused during filming, including key special fx scenes showcasing the incredible work of KNB FX. Sadly, they never made the final cut. These scenes are strong contributions to this film and, best of all, they were shot. The footage exists, in fact many scenes were edited properly..nearly fully finished before being cut; and now we hope to have them cut back in to a definitive Jason Goes To Hell Uncut Director’s Cut the way Adam Marcus originally intended. We ask you to sign this petition in hopes we can pick up a company to work out this project and bring it to light! Please sign and help us get the attention that Jason Goes To Hell deserves!

Their petition will be delivered to three entities: Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Scream! Factory.

This petition has been rapidly gaining steam since it was introduced earlier last week. It now (at the time of this writing) stands at 1,080 electronic signatures. This means they are well on their way to their goal of 1,500.

Look, even if you’re not a fan of the film, this is important. After all, it may even be in your own best interest; it may turn out to be a completely different film. Let’s give Jason a chance to prove you wrong. Sign the petition and help this project see the light of day!

Once again, the address for the petition can be found here. Join the cause. And hey, it could be worse. It’s not like we’re asking for a Jason Takes Manhatten Re-release or anything…

“Save me! Give me a Director’s Cut!”