Sick Soaps – Gruesome Works of Art No Horror Home Should Be Without

One of the fundamental delights of attending as many conventions as regularly as I do is meeting the many talented people who frequent these haunts religiously. It never fails – at each convention I know there will be friends, vendors and familiar faces I’m going to see, and Sick Soaps is among my favorite booths to visit.


Image via Sick Soaps


I noticed this striking display a couple of years back in San Jose. I was entirely spell-bound by the depth of detail captured skillfully  inside each bar or soap. So much passion was crafted into each one. These are bars of soap we’re talking about! But they’re so amazing! Now you may (rightfully) be asking “How in the Hell can soap be in the least bit interesting?” Simply put, it can’t be unless we’re talking about Sick Soaps.


So hello and welcome back, dear readers. I’m Manic Exorcism and today your ol’ pal has quite the delightful treat for you. A little Halloween treat just in time for our most beloved night of the year. Today we are going to make soap metal AF!


image via Sick Soaps Facebook page


But I digress. It’s the wonderful talent behind the creations of Sick Soaps who makes washing our hands METAL! Her name is Cheynne and I had the pleasure of getting to know the mind behind the macabre.


iHorror: “So how did you get into making soaps?”

Cheynne: “I started making soaps some years back, after I found these tiny zombie finger puppets. I’d embed them in soap, and add some “blood” around them. I made them for friends as gifts, and I’d send them to church’s white elephant gift exchanges, just to stir things up a bit.”




IH: “I’ve noticed a heavy horror influence over your work.”

Cheynne: “I do predominantly horror themes because that’s what I enjoy personally. When I started, I’d never seen anything like this before! The original little zombie soaps were a hit, and I developed new techniques and my signature style from there. As gross/ disturbing as some of my soaps might seem, they always make people smile and laugh- and that’s why I continue. I love selling at conventions, because I get to watch people explore my products, and giggle nervously, smelling bloody tampons, decapitated babies, etc.”


Manic chuckles! How can you not love that, friends?



image via Sick Soaps




IH: “What inspires you?”

Cheynne: “My inspiration comes largely from a lifestyle where, really, every day is Halloween. It’s easy to be inspired when you’re surrounded by what you love. Between a year round love of horror, and a concentrated dose in October, including my passion for haunting, I’m never short on new ideas!”


Image via Sick Soaps



IH: “Seeing how horror has inspired your career, what are some of your favorite horror movies?”

Cheynne: “It’s really hard to choose favorites without narrowing down sub-genres. I love The Cat and the Canary (1927) because to me, it’s the earliest horror comedy. Horror Express was my gateway to 70’s horror, so it’s special to me. Evil Dead I/II, Dead Alive, and Return of the Living Dead rank pretty high. But my bedtime relaxing movies include The Mummy (Karloff), House on Haunted Hill (Price), The Bat, Dracula (Lugosi) and Wolfman.”


I want to thank Cheynne for taking the time to talk with me and share some insight into her dark and wonderful world. Sick Soaps truly is an art that deserves a lot of respect among the horror community. You can check her masterpieces out @sicksoaps on Instagram and/or Sick Soaps on Face Book.


image via Sick Soaps Facebook page



But come on! We all know we can’t live without this product. Each bar of soap is a gruesome but beautiful horror treasure. They look cool, keep you clean, and they smell wonderful! So be sure to make your orders right here at


This has been Manic Exorcism. I hope all our lovelies out there are having a great Halloween!