Syfy announces yet another sequel to the over-the-top cheese fest that is Sharknado. Don’t remember what Sharknado 5 was about? Forget about five, that’s in the past. Six is the future with this new installment all about time-travel. Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and Cassie Scerbo will be returning as well as a host of celebrity guest stars. If you think the franchise has jumped the shark think again…and again!

In Sharknado 6, “Fin unlocks the time-traveling power of the SHARKNADOS in order to save the world and resurrect his family. In his quest, Fin fights Nazis, dinosaurs, knights, and even takes a ride on Noah’s Ark. This time, it’s not how to stop the sharknados, it’s when.”

Excited yet? The film is set to premiere on July 25, 2018 and a ridiculous tagline is sure to come in the next couple of months. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think it might be. Shark to the Future perhaps?


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