Seven More TV Movies To Keep The Family Awake All Night


A while back, iHorror brought you a list of scary TV movies that the whole family can enjoy.  Because there are so many more than were covered there, we’ve got another list of television broadcast terrors for you.  These ones are all from the seventies, when network television was still able to be terrifying…





Don’t be Afraid of the Dark


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (1973), courtesy American Broadcasting Company (ABC).


Before there was the 2010 Katie Holmes/Guy Pearce spookfest, there was this little 1973 TV movie.  The story is essentially the same; a couple buys an old house and discovers a horde of little monsters live within the walls.  It’s one of the most legendarily horrifying TV movies ever made.  Stars Kim Darby and Jim Hutton as the couple.



Bad Ronald


Bad Ronald (1974), courtesy American Broadcasting Company (ABC).


Speaking of living within walls – Bad Ronald is about a teenage boy who continues to live inside the walls of his house after his mother dies and the house is sold to new owners.  Of course, he starts stalking the daughter of the family that has moved into his home.  This creepy 1974 movie is ripe for a modern remake.  Stars Scott Jacoby in the title role.



Moon of the Wolf


Moon of the Wolf (1972), courtesy American Boradcasting Company (ABC).


Moon of the Wolf is a fairly standard werewolf movie about a small town sheriff who discovers that the string of murders plaguing his little burg are the doings of a lycanthrope.  The werewolf himself is more I Was a Teenage Werewolf than An American Werewolf in London, but what do you expect?  It was 1972.  Stars David Janssen and Barbara Rush.



Someone’s Watching Me


Someone’s Watching Me (1978), courtesy National Broadcasting Company (NBC).


Often considered a “lost” John Carpenter film from 1978 (the same year Halloween was released), Someone’s Watching Me is about an woman who, as the title suggests, is being stalked by a mysterious stranger who peeps on her in her apartment and calls her to tell her about it.  Stars Lauren Hutton, Adrienne Barbeau, and David Birney.



Night Terror


Night Terror (1977), courtesy National Broadcasting Company.


Night Terror is a 1977 TV movie about a young woman who is relentlessly pursued by a psychopath on the road after she witnesses said psychopath kill a policeman.  Valerie Harper plays the road rage victim.



The Spell


The Spell (1977), courtesy National Broadcasting Company (NBC).


Also in 1977, one year after Carrie hit theaters, TV viewers got The Spell.  It’s about a high school girl who uses her psychic powers to take revenge on the classmates who bully her.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, it’s Carrie.  Keep an eye out for a young Helen Hunt in this one.



Killer Bees


Killer Bees (1974), courtesy American Broadcasting Company (ABC).


In the seventies, there was an overblown fear of Africanized honey bees making their way to America, partially because of movies like Killer Bees.  This 1974 movie isn’t a typical killer bee movie, as it focuses on a single woman who controls the bees on her farm.  Stars a pre-Charlie’s Angels Kate Jackson.



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