iHorror on Facebook Horror Website   As we all know by now… just because you like a page on Facebook… that doesn’t mean you’ll always see posts that come from that page.  Well, we’ve found a brand new Facebook update that will make sure our iHorror posts are ALWAYS seen in your newsfeed – no matter what algorithm change the social network makes. Here’s all you have to do.

From your mobile phone Facebook app…


This is found under the SETTINGS title.

iHorror on Facebook

Then click on the first tab “PRIORITIZE WHO TO SEE FIRST

Horror website iHorror

Then simply click on the iHorror icon!  That’s it!!

You’ll now see all the latest in Horror news without Facebook blocking any of our posts from you!!


That’s it!!!  You’re now set up to see all of our contests, latest news, and iHorror Exclusives!

Go do this now!