Halloween Horror Nights is one of the most famous and highest budgeted haunted house attractions in the world. Year after year, providing the biggest scare houses based off some of the greatest icons of horror. And this year is shaping up to have an interesting and unique theme: Christmas With The Devil!


Yes, for once, it looks like Christmas will be stepping into Halloween’s turf rather than the other way around. At Scare LA, creative director John Murdy and art director Chris Williams gave a preview of the holly jolly hell that was yet to come!


For starters, Saint Nicholas’ shadow, The Krampus. Star of  a very popular holiday horror/comedy last year from Trick r Treat scribe, Michael Dougherty, the punisher of naughty children has seen a resurgent amount of popularity for a dark spirit of German folklore. Now, he and his minions will be getting their very own house at HHN complete with evil elves, terrifying toys, and berserk gingerbread men – all taken from the film. And keep an eye out for twitter codes to get vintage Krampus postcards like past houses such as Hostel.


The flagship of this year’s houses could also prove the most unique with The Exorcist. A property that the duo have been trying to use for over a decade. Both John Murdy and Chris Williams came from heavily religious Catholic backgrounds, and needless to say, found the film to be one of the most terrifying ever made. But it begs the question; how do you make an entire haunted house around a film that didn’t have too many locations? Though they didn’t give a full answer, they did allude to the notorious and downright terrifying banned trailer of The Exorcist for clues and focused on the more infamous scenes of the film. Watch out for pea soup!


While the next house announcement won’t be for another couple weeks, John and Chris did drop one major bombshell for HHN 2016. The Purge: Election Year wouldn’t just be a scarezone this year, but an all encompassing ‘Mega Scarezone’ larger than any before it. And though named for the latest entry in the political horror franchise, they noted that it would include characters and icons from previous entries in the series as well. Along with wholly original figures for the event, ranging from “Chainsaw Delegates” to a stilted and menacing Uncle Sam.



With other houses this year including such monsters of horror like Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers along with the above, this year’s Halloween Horror Nights is shaping up to be its biggest yet!