Maybe you’re saving money, or you just want to save a life. Either way, the Saw franchise is helping you do both.

Nearly every time there is a new release in the Saw franchise, next month’s Jigsaw will be the eighth, Lionsgate and film producers give away free tickets to those who donate blood at one of their many mobile locations around the U.S.

Since the first Saw movie, filmmakers have implored horror fans to donate blood, using the image of a nurse to promote the cause.

This year they take a futuristic approach to phlebotomy with models dressed in sleek uniforms against the backdrop of advanced technology.

Eight models in all, including drag icon Amanda Lapore, this year’s message seems two-fold.

One, to get more people to give blood.

And two, to shed light on men in the LGBT community who are banned from doing so.

The “All Types Welcome” blood drive campaign will kick off in New York on October 5 before heading out to other cities.

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Jigsaw hits theaters on October 27.