WGN’s fan favorite show Salem gets the boot according to the Hollywood Reporter and will air the season 3 finale as its series finale on January 18, 2017. Netflix should one hundred percent resurrect according to Australian fan Tim Heritage.

(Photo Courtesy of “Salem” Facebook)

Heritage created a petition to renew Salem for a fourth season on Netflix. Netflix is known for bringing beloved shows back to life like Fuller House, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and a fourth season of Arrested Development after being off air for seven years.

The petition will be delivered to Netflix, Netflix PR, and WGN America. Heritage’s petition states, “its the highest rated original scripted show on WGNAmerica, it has 10x the followers that any other WGNAmerica scripted show has airing at the moment, it has brought in so much revenue (Money) for WGNAmerica, i feel cancelling Salem this late in the game, will deplete WGN’s viewership dramatically, WE NEED to get #RenewSalemWGN TRENDING, i EXPECT that we #Heathens get the attention of Netflix, they have renewed several shows even from 20+ years ago!”

(Photo Courtesy of “Salem” Facebook)

At the time of this article, 2,069 supporters have signed the petition and Heritage’s goal was to achieve 2,500 signatures. The petition was created three weeks ago so I’m sure 2,500 supporters will be attained in no time. Go sign if you want to see more witches and magic!

Salem follows the town in Massachusetts during the infamous era in history where witches certainly exist and witch magic and trials aren’t far behind. I binge-watched the first season on Netflix because the first season has an authentic feel and I enjoyed the suspense of wondering who was going to be prosecuted next. I was looking forward to getting more Salem posters at San Diego Comic-Con this summer from the Fox booth. Let’s hope Netflix notices the petition and they do resurrect Salem because I want to see what the future holds for Mary, John, Cotton, Anne, and Isaac.

Plus, I feel like Salem could have done more to explore Marilyn Manson’s character, Thomas Dinley. Manson’s guest appearance wasn’t his first brush with the series, he co-wrote the opening song “Cupid Carries a Gun” with Tyler Bates.

Salem returns tonight from their season 3 break on WGN at 9pm for it’s last four episodes of the series.