Disney Star Plays Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Perfectly


A New Jeffrey Dahmer Film

It’s often the case that we see Disney spawn a little darkness from it’s alumni.  There are countless child stars that fell from grace after dawning those black Mickey Mouse ears.  However, this time the Disney star taking on the dark role seems to be ready for the challenge. You may be familiar with Disney star of Teen Beach and R5, Ross Lynch, who will be taking on the darkest role of his life for My Friend Dahmer.  Take a look at the picture posted on Instagram… the resemblance is uncanny.

It’s pretty uncanny how similar they look… #myfrienddahmer #rosslynch

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I have a strange fascination for what goes on in the mind of these notorious serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer.  This looks like a creepy ride we’re willing to take.  We’ll have more information as it comes out.

(btw – did you know you can rent out Jeffrey Dahmers house?)

Nice guys have played Dahmer on screen before — check out The Avengers‘s Jeremy Renner in the titular role for 2002’s Dahmer.