Written by Patti Pauley

Huge news throughout the land of Lanford and beyond as it’s been officially announced that one of the most beloved and innovative sitcoms of the late ’80s/ early ’90s is getting a revival. Grab a loose meat sandwich and a cold brew folks, Roseanne is back!



According to Deadline, the average-Joe, blue-collar working family who focused on what a REAL American family looks like, is coming back for an eight-episode revival with the original cast! Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, and Laurie Metcalf are reported to be reprising their roles and slipping back into those moccasins and oversized fruit themed shirts with other cast members in the process of joining their TV family. My only question is, which Becky will be signing on?

The show that first premiered back in 1987 on ABC, seems to be the prime candidate for the series to return to, however it’s reported that the eight-episode revival is still on the market looking for a home and Netflix could be a contender as well. As it so seems, the streaming giant loves to take on reboots of classic sitcoms like Fuller House.

The return of Roseanne is being executive produced by the sitcom “Queen of Halloween” herself, along with crew alumni Tom Werner, Whitney Cummings, Bruce Helford, and Sara Gilbert.

I know what you fans are thinking. “The show ended with the realization of Dan being dead, how could he return?” 

Well, Return of the Living Dan would make for one hell of a Halloween episode that the Roseanne series made so popular! Joking aside, back in 2009 Roseanne Barr gave a detailed explanation of if a revival were to happen, Dan would come back in the picture as he had staged his own death. Roseanne and Jackie would have opened the first Marijuana dispensary in Lanford,  DJ would be a published author, and David would have left Darlene leading to Darlene coming out and having a baby with another woman. Becky would be working at a Wal-Mart after Mark dying in Iraq, while Nancy finally married Arnie who ended up as the governor of Illinois. So, a bit of stretch but that could be the answer.

I think aside from the Becky query, the million dollar questions stands as this: ARE ANY HALLOWEEN EPISODES INCLUDED IN THIS REVIVAL? Gods, I hope so!




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