Robert Englund Thinks Wishmaster Deserved More Respect


When it comes to modern horror icons, there are few on the level of Robert Englund. Having played dream-stalking killer Freddy Krueger in no less than eight Nightmare on Elm Street films – and countless other memorable roles in other genre projects – Englund is loved and respected by anyone who calls themselves a horror fan.

One of Englund’s most notable non-Nightmare film appearances came in Robert Kurtzman’s 1997 gory good time, Wishmaster. Starring Andrew Divoff as the demented, wish-ruining Djinn, Wishmaster has become a sizeable cult classic over the years, and will soon finally hit Blu-Ray courtesy of Lionsgate.

Wishmaster - Andrew Divoff and Robert Englund

Englund’s small but pivotal role in Wishmaster is that of rich art collector Raymond Beaumont, who first has the statue containing the gem containing the Djinn brought to America. Beaumont also hosts a party at the end of the film, which the Djinn turns into arguably one of the coolest massacres in the history of horror.

During a recent convention appearance, the always fan-friendly Englund was asked about his experience on Wishmaster, and his overall opinion of the franchise. Here’s what he said:

I knew that we were on to something original. I think the Wishmaster movies deserved a little more respect. It’s a great hook, and Andrew Divoff is terrific in those films. I thought it was just a great great hook… a great gimmick for a franchise. That unfortunately didn’t go far enough, I think. I think there was probably at least one more to be made. Would’ve been really interesting.

Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, and Tony Todd in Wishmaster

Englund hasn’t talked Wishmaster much over the years, so it’ll surely delight fans to know that he thinks so highly of it, and of Divoff’s work as a fellow – albeit much more minor – horror icon.

One does wonder though if Englund means that a sequel to the godawful Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled should have been made, or is instead saying that Divoff should have starred in another sequel. Divoff departed the franchise after the first two films, and the movies without him are pretty worthless.

Considering Englund’s praise of Divoff above, he probably was thinking of the second option. The entire Wishmaster series hits Blu-Ray in a special collection box set on March 28th. While fans might wish that an option to only purchase the Divoff films was available, at least the Djinn will now grant wishes in high-def.

Wishmaster - Andrew Divoff as the Djinn