Casting news for Rob Zombie’s 31 has been coming out rapid fire. The FanBacked page for the film says Lew Temple, who has worked with Zombie on The Devil’s Rejects and Halloween, is on board as Psycho-Head.

The site says:

The first week of filming 31 has ended and man it was a tough one, but as we head into the next week it is time to add a new cast member.

LEW TEMPLE has joined us in the role of Psycho-Head the even more insane brother of Schizo-Head. These two together are nothing but bloody mayhem.

Lew has been seen in everything from The Devil’s Rejects and Halloween 2007 to The Walking Dead and Unstoppable.

That one’s official. While we haven’t seen any official confirmation, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Sheri Moon Zombie and Devin Sidell are also on board with Sidell playing the role of “Georgina Victor” and Moon Zombie’s role not specified.

Sheri Moon Zombie’s presence in the film would hardly be a shock, given that she has appeared in all of Zombie’s films to date. IMDb does list her as part of the project. It also lists Sidell as the aforementioned character.

IMDb is also displaying another as of yet unannounced cast member in Bari Suzuki.

Other cast members include: Malcolm McDowell, Daniel Roebuck, E.G. Daily, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, David Ury, Judy Geeson, Richard Brake, and Torsten Voges.

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