Electronics store patrons shopping for TVs got more than they bargained for when they witnessed Samara (aka Sadako) from “Rings” crawl out a TV screen right before their eyes.

The prank was a marketing stunt by Paramount, to promote the latest installment of the Ring series, which will be in theaters this February.

Creating the ‘Rings’ Prank

In order to pull it off, the pranksters had to create a fake wall inside of a real electronics store in upstate New York. The wall was covered by flat screen TVs to make it looks like any other TV section in an electronics store.

One of the screens hid a compartment with an actress dressed up as the vengeful ghost. While shoppers were watching a sales demonstration on 4K TVs, the film trailer began to play, and Samara appeared on all of the screens.

When the screen was lifted to reveal the hidden compartment, the actress crawled out in all her glory, and shoppers freaked out. Watch the full video below to see:

Paramount performed a similar viral prank to promote the “Carrie” remake in 2013. They used remote controls and hidden pulleys to make it look like a girl with telekinetic powers was losing control in a busy coffee shop.

How would you react if this happened to you?

One word of advice: If you’re running away from Samara in an electronics store and you happen to pass by the cellphone section, don’t answer any of the phones. You won’t like the message.