Artist Rickey Williams Creates Amazing Nightmare on Elm Street Dollhouse!


Written by Patti Pauley

Once in a while, an artist comes along my way and makes my head turn faster than a pissed off Pazuzu. Today, I’m honored to be able to spotlight horror diorama extraordinaire Rickey Williams.

Dedicated horror fan Rickey Williams has been actively building eye-popping dioramas for 5 years now. In 2015 Williams worked his first horror con as a featured artist after a moment of inspiration hit the year prior at the Sacramento Horror Film Fest:

“I started when NECA started producing the Nightmare on Elm St figures & became extremely popular around 2012. My first project was similar to my current project which is a dollhouse modeled after the Nightmare on Elm Street house. The original project was built with cheap material like poster boards & popsicle sticks but I got a lot of positive feedback on facebook & youtube. Afterwards, I got in contact with the producer of the Sacramento Horror Film Fest and offered to make them some horror dioramas for the show. Unknowing at the time when they awarded my work as a prize, I was brought on stage and was allowed a few minutes to speak with the audience about my work. That moment combined with meeting Robert Englund at Walker Stalker in 2014 inspired me to offer my work to the public. In 2015 I attended my first convention as an artist at Sinister Creature Con produced by the awesome folks at “Sacramento Horror Film Fest”.

Williams journey has led him to this weekend’s Sinister Creature Con in Stockton, California where he will be in attendance among some previous Elm Street residents at his side. And Rickey’s latest diorama will be sitting with the former teens from the Nightmare on Elm Street series this weekend at the Freddy’s Children Panel that includes guests Heather Langenkamp, Ken Sagoes, Ira Heiden, Rodney Eastman, Jennifer Rubin, Brooke Theiss and Amanda Wyss where they will discuss their thoughts on being a part of this iconic franchise. Speaking with Williams over the last several weeks, we at iHorror have your first look at this incredible dollhouse tribute to one of the biggest slasher films of all time! Check out the gallery below!

If you happen to be attending this weekend’s festivities in Stockton, be sure to stop by and check out this pretty amazing creation. Williams can also customize a horror diorama all your own for you! For details, contanct or DM his personal Instagram @Twisted_Imagine_Nation.

All images property of Rickey Williams