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Written by Patti Pauley

In 1991, this nine-year-old horror nerd didn’t wait all year for the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. OK, the slime was cool, but after what I had bore witness to in the previous year, was the most fantasmic, beautiful spectacle my little eyes had ever seen. I was ready for the Horror Hall of Fame 2 godammit!

Last week’s Retro Rewind transported us back to the glory days of 1990 when Robert Englund hosted the first annual (well there were only three-BOOO) Horror Hall of Fame ceremony that honored horror’s best and brightest in the genre with an idolized Grim Reaper statue. And it was brought to you by none other than the fantastic here to stay brands of Dentyne and Ultra Slim-Fast! Those are still a thing right?

horror hall of fame 2

The Horror Hall of Fame returned to Universal Studios, California with Englund hosting once more, slashing the way for a new set of inductees to imprint their mark into the genre’s horror history books. And what better way to open the festivities, than a tip of the hat to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds with a parody starring Sir Englund of Robert? The answer is nothing. Nothing you fools.

The darkly lit stage sprinkled with generic Halloween decorations sets the tone for the all-time greats to receive recognition for their hard-earned contribution to the horror genre, and of course, you Fred-Heads may remember this was indeed the year Freddy Krueger was to make his final appearance as the Springfield Slasher on-screen in the form of Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare; the sixth and presumably at the time, final chapter in the Freddy saga. So along with issuing achievement awards to the likes of Bela Lugosi and Roger Corman, the iconic slasher that Englund had made so legendary in a span of seven years, got his own little farewell tribute in a sort of twisted fuck In Memorium piece brought to you by the late, great Sam Kinison. Kinison in true Sam fashion rushes the stage in the middle of Robert talking, takes over the podium, briefly roasts Englund, and goes on to present a tribute video to the fallen slasher, Freddy Krueger. All While Robert is laughing hysterically in the background. Priceless entertainment people.

Video upload by cinemainctv

With the Cryptkeeper back co-hosting, and by co-hosting I mean slipping some awesomely random puns and gags in between inductee segments, make-up bits performed by special effects wizard Steve Johnson and the lovely Linnea Quigley, and sneak peeks for the upcoming and highly anticipated Addams Family movie (oh man does that make me feel like an old whitened turd on the sidewalk), the Horror Hall of Fame 2 was every bit as fun as it’s predecessor the year prior. And some damn fine people again got the recognition they so well deserved. 1991’s gallery of horror heroes included the following:

  • Film- Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

  • Film- The Birds

  • Publisher- EC Comics

  • Production Company- Universal Studios

  • Producer/ Director- Roger Corman

  • Actor – Bela Lugosi

  • Award for best movie of the year went to Silence of the Lambs. Nominees included were Misery, Child’s Play 2, Predator 2, and Jacob’s Ladder.


Make sure to tune back in next week as we look back on the final installment of the Horror Hall of Fame series!

horror hall of fame 2