Written by Patti Pauley

“Stupid little prick named Rick, who thought he knew shit, but didn’t know shit. SUCK ASS RICK!” Negan, you are a gentleman and scholar with that beautifully colorful vocabulary.

I realize I’m probably a part of a dwindling crowd that is still highly entertained by AMC’s The Walking Dead week after week with little to no complaints. However, regardless of the savagery from fans about how the series is headed, the Sunday night horror program continues to be the highest-rated TV show on air. So despite all the internet savagery, they must be doing something right.


Now, regardless if you’re a fan of the series or not, YouTube uploader xSoppySofax is quite frankly, tickling balls left and right with this epic remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” hit starring everyone’s favorite prime-time son of a bitch himself, Negan. The tune sets the tone for snippets of Negan’s extensive and colorful vocabulary that makes it really hard to hate the guy- no matter how hard you want, you just can’t with that kind of gorgeous dialogue. Check it out below!

This hilarious video has since gone viral as it first hit the interwebs a few days ago, however I’m not certain if the man of the hour Jeffrey Dean Morgan has seen his little contribution to this YouTube sensation as of yet. And if he has, he sure as shit hasn’t responded or commented. Look at this, Negan’s treasure trove of words is rubbing off on me. Fantastic. Also, if this happens to get stuck in your head for 48 hours like it did to me, I suggest throwing on some “Easy Street” to clear that right up.