REAL Horror Happy Meal Boxes and Horror Movie Jiffy Pop Available to Buy Now!


Written by Patti Pauley

In case you haven’t been paying attention on the interwebs, a few years ago, graphic horror artist Newt Clements’ horror Happy Meal art hit various outlets and became a social media sensation. We all also drooled over the idea of a nostalgic looking Happy Meal box that features our favorite fright films with a fun horror icon action figure contained within. So alas, our balls for such a product turned blue… Until now.



horror happy meal

That’s right folks, horror Happy Meals are now a REAL thing. Well kind of. This is about as close as you’re going to get without infringing upon any copyright issues. Avid horror fanatics Sam and Tina Kaleal, owners of Etsy shop HangMeOfficial, have put together an amazing array of handmade horror goodies any fan of the genre can truly appreciate.

Sam and Tina have carefully taken details from some of our favorite iconic horror films and built a fun box resembling those ’80s McDonald’s meals with an optional toy included. The only major differences are the size and a slight handle change as to differentiate itself from the fast food giant. The boxes run at a mere $7.00, while if you’d like the toy included the price ups at $16.00.

These horror “Happy Meal” boxes aren’t the only treasures you’ll find in this little Etsy shop of horrors. The online boutique also offers a variety of REAL Jiffy Pop popcorn pans that feature famous horror movie posters! Perfect for a horror movie pow-wow night with friends, and it’ll only run you $5.00! Here’s a sample of just few of these gems. You can check out the rest here!

Now, I hope you’re ready for these beauties. Kaleal has also made some fantastic horror movie pinatas’ that will sure to be a scream at ANY social function or birthday party! When I asked Sam Kaleal what gave her this stunning idea, she had this to say:

“We have a 5-year old cousin/godson who absolutely loves horror movies. He just had a Chucky themed birthday party and is actually the reason we started making the pinatas. We were asked to make a Chucky pinata for his birthday and the rest is history. Horror definitely brings this family together.”

The pinatas’ take an estimated two days to complete and vary in price from $55 to $70. Click here to check out the complete collection that even has Candyman Tony Todd in awe. And the answer to your question is yes. The busted eyed Glenn pinata does come with a Lucille bat, because of course it does!


The Kaleals’ seem to to be doing rather well their horror creations. The official Etsy shop has been open for a year, and the horror product visionaries have vended at several horror cons including Horror Hound and Flash Back Weekend. You can catch the genre lovers this year at Days of The Dead Indianapolis in July, followed by Flash Back Weekend again in August and Horror Hound in September. Also if you happen to be a neighbor of the Kaleal’s, I am extremely envious of you. I can only imagine the glorious sights that scatter their yard during the Halloween season. Thanks for reminding me that I have snooty Halloween grouches residing on my street.

“Our entire family loves Halloween we always decorate the front porch with life-size monsters, we have Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Mummy, Dracula, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Jack, Sally. The Wicked Witch, and the Gravedigger. When our children were younger we had haunted houses in our basement with pullies and hidden levers. Halloween time has always been the time when our family is the closest. We all love watching horror movies, creating our own Octoberfest, which is a list we create of all the horror movies we are going to watch each Halloween.”

Be sure to check out the rest of HangMeOfficial’s shop by clicking here!