Written by Patti Pauley

The Play Pals Godfather and creator of everyone’s favorite Good Guy Don Mancini hasn’t been exactly discreet with keeping the upcoming Child’s Play 7 film a question in whether it’s actually happening or not. Over the past few months, Mancini via his Twitter account has been updating fans with random photos sprinkled throughout his feed teasing Chucky lovers in anticipation for the seventh installment of the now iconic horror franchise. Just recently, Mancini posted this photo of himself alongside Brad and Fiona Dourif. In addition to the teaser shot with the Curse Of Chucky stars, Mancini’s partner in the SyFy hit Channel Zero Nick Antosca also announced via Twitter that with the wrap of season 2 that he’s “passing the studio over to @RealDonMancini and Charles Lee Ray.


With this news, it definitely looks like production is FINALLY getting underway and thinking positive thoughts over here, we shall see the film presumably sometime in late 2017.  As of now we know for sure, as it’s pretty damn obvious from the photo above, that Fiona Dourif will return as Nica Pierce, a young paraplegic woman who was tormented by Chucky throughout Curse, and consequently got the blame for Chucky’s murderous rages resulting in a trip to a mental asylum. We also know that Jennifer Tilly will be returning as well.

Stay tuned for more updates!