The night he came home to a console near you. Sure, this will be old news to PC gamers, but for us console gamers this is pretty exciting. The recent console release of Dead By Daylight is getting some lit DLC, this August in the form of a shape, or in this case The Shape. That’s right, you guys. Michael Myers is going to be a fully playable killer, complete with a brand new (for console gamers) map of Haddonfield. As if that isn’t already great enough, this DLC will also come with a playable Laurie Strode.

In Dead by Daylight, four survivors attempt to escape the clutches of a single picking them off one by one. Each one of these killers has different perks that give them a leg-up on their prey. Michael will come with his completely unique set of perks. The one I’m most excited about his stalking ability. While most killers in the game go for the straight up murder approach good ole Mike will stalk you from the shadows. Meaning the longer he keeps you in his field of view, the more a stalking meter rises. Each time the meter is fills, Mike is upgraded to be a faster more efficient killer.

With the recent Friday the 13th game allowing gamers to step behind the mask of Jason, it’s pretty exciting to know that we are going to soon be able to step behind the mask and into the madness of Michael Myers.