Leaked Photos Confirm ‘American Horror Story 7’ Show Filming in 1978 ‘Halloween’ Neighborhood


Written by Patti Pauley

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Election based theme of American Horror Story premiering this Fall on FX seems to be all the talk on not only every horror news website but every entertainment outlet in general on the interwebs. And given the highly sensitive subject material Murphy is diving head deep into, it’s certainly a brilliant move from a marketing standpoint. It has ALL talking. So whether you agree or not that season seven’s political theme is the right direction to go with the popular series, you can’t hate on the creator’s clever way to push the next chapter.


Now, onto the subject at hand. Set photos and clues via Murphy on social media on American Horror Story season 7 have been circulating the interwebs for weeks now peaking the public’s curiosity. From Evan Peter’s blue hair to a not so subtle jab at the Republican party with a mysterious sketch of a monster Murphy claims we may see in the upcoming installment, and now set photos have emerged with a very familiar setting we’ve seen in a legendary holiday horror film.

Spotted first over at BD, Twitter account AHSLeaks, a forum dedicated to bringing the latest gossip on the FX program, has confirmed via their sources and set photos that partial filming of American Horror Story: Election is being partially filmed in the infamous neighborhood in Southern California that set the backdrop for John Carpenter’s Halloween in 1978!

The AHS insiders have also confirmed via the assistant director of the show that the first episode of season seven has completed filming. Will the faux Haddonfield serve as a backdrop and start off for the first episode of American Horror Story: Election? It’s looking like a big maybe given these statements! Stay tuned for more news as it unfolds on the upcoming AHS season!