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Paramount Pictures hasn’t buried their plans to bring a new adaptation of Pet Sematary to the big screen, in fact, they have found directing duo Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch to resurrect the King novel.

The original screen version was released back in 1989 and directed by Mary Lambert. The classic has reached cult status even spawning a sequel. In the original, the Creed family almost survives a string of bad luck in their new home located along a busy stretch of highway dominated by fast-moving semi-trucks.

After a tragedy involving their toddler, his father relies on the lore of the land in an effort to make his family whole again. Unfortunately, he ends up unleashing a deadly curse instead.

Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch are no strangers to being cult filmmakers, their 2014 “Starry Eyes” has become a bit of an underground hit itself. With its bloody grindhouse feel and 70’s throwback to the era of satanic paranoia, they seem like the right people for the job.

You can check out the trailer to the directors’ previous film “Starry Eyes” below: