Pennywise Prank Terrifies Brazilian Public

The Pennywise craze is not just limited to the United States as witnessed in this prank video from Brazil. However, it seems some Brazilians aren’t familiar with the King story as much as we are.

A man dressed in the full costume as the Skarsgard Pennywise hides in a sewer drain while “Georgie” tells passersby that he lost his boat down there.

Concerned and sympathetic citizens then try and retrieve it for the young actor oblivious to his yellow raincoat reference from the movies.

Pennywise then pops out from the depths, chasing the unsuspecting, horrified pedestrians down the street.

Things get a little more frightening when the prank moves to a darkly lit subterranean pedestrian crossing and they encounter the made-up prankster face-to-face.

Already viewed almost two million times, the video might be a great distraction for those of you stateside waiting in line for tickets.