IT: Pennywise Laughs All the Way to the Bank with $120 Million Opening


It’s always a good thing when a horror movie tops the box office, but in the case of IT, we’ve reached a whole new level of dominance.

After a summer that saw box office receipts trend downward across the board, IT has brought Hollywood roaring back to life, and may very well end up becoming one of the highest grossing horror films of all time.

Going into this weekend, the box office estimates for IT had steadily increased, first from $50 to $60 million, then 60 to 70, then 70 to 80. Then came Thursday, which saw IT break the all-time “preview night” record for an R-rated film, with $13.5 million.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

On Friday, IT smashed through the September opening weekend record in a single day, earning $51 million. This caused estimates to go up again, this time to an astonishing $100 million.

Now, Deadline reports that Saturday showings saw IT gross a further $46.5 million, which has naturally caused the estimates for the weekend to be updated again. IT is now on track to haul in a gargantuan $123 million. Wow. Holy shit.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

That total easily smashes through the all-time record for highest opening horror movie, which was held by I Am Legend with $77 million. It also comes so damn close to breaking the record for biggest R-rated opening, held by Deadpool with $132 million.

That won’t be all IT rakes in this weekend either, as the film has already earned an additional $25 million from international markets. Pennywise is truly laughing all the way to the bank.

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Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Should IT prove to have legs at the box office going forward, one wonders how high up the all-time highest grossing horror film list it’ll climb. At the top of the list is The Sixth Sense with $293 million domestic. #2 is Jaws with $260 million.

Topping those sky high marks might seem unlikely, but look at what IT has already managed to accomplish in a single weekend. With great reviews, positive word of mouth from fans, and enormous profits coming, IT has not only lived up to but exceeded the vast amount of hype that preceded its arrival in theaters.

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Photo Credit: Warner Bros.