Pants Made Of Human Flesh Used To Bring Luck


In 17th century Iceland, you didn’t need a horseshoe or rabbits foot for luck. Nope, all you needed was to wear some pants made out of human flesh.

Back then, you and your buddy would make an arrangement to see which of you would become the owner of some new necropants, and the donor of said pants.

After your buddy passed away (and you had their permission), you would dig them up and flay off the skin, (Taking great care not to ruin them) The goal was to remove the “pants” as one whole. After that you would be tasked with wearing your buddy for the rest of your time on this earth. Levi’s this was not.

As if all that wasn’t weird enough, you would also have to steal a coin from a poor widow during Christmas and place the coin in the scrotum of your new pants. Legend had it as long as that coin would remain in place, you would have great wealth come your way.

Oh, and you were to pass these pants on to someone else if you were to die. They were meant to be passed down the line for as long as possible, to grant fortune and luck to those who were “lucky” enough to wear them.

The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft has the last pair of “necropants” in existence. Again, Iceland proves that they are more metal than anyone else could ever be.

Icelandic sorcerer’s were the only ones who took part in this strange bit of folklore. For my money I’ll stick to denim. I guess our fascination with rabbit feet for luck is pretty macabre as well but nowhere near the level of crazy that necropants has.