We’ve all heard the old ‘organ theft’ urban legend, involving a widespread scheme to steal and sell human organs on the black market. According to the legend, people have woken up in bathtubs filled with ice to find organs like kidneys ripped from their bodies, and it’s hard to tell if it’s ever actually happened.

A man by the name of Cenek, who is one half of the YouTube channel Viral Brothers, recently used this urban legend to get revenge on his brother Erik, who had previously pranked him in fairly epic fashion.

Far more elaborate than most pranks we’ve shared here on iHorror, the organ theft prank is about as over the top and cruel as horror pranks get, beginning with a faux news report that claimed an organ thief was prowling around the Florida area. The seed planted, Cenek later that night slipped sleeping pills into his brother’s drink, and it wasn’t long before he woke up in the fabled bath tub full of ice.

Check out the boundary-pushing prank below, which plays out more like an Eli Roth film than a fun scare prank!

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