One of the biggest films at the box office right now is Disney’s Inside Out, an animated feature about a young girl and her emotions. Like all of Disney’s movies, it’s tailor made for children to enjoy with their parents, though families who recently went to see the film in Ohio were treated to quite the opposite experience.

As reported by Journal News, mother-of-five Jazmyn Moore was outraged when she took her kids to see Inside Out at Danbarry Cinemas in Middletown, Ohio last week, as the projectionist accidentally played the horror movie Insidious: Chapter 3. The theater, at the time, was full of children.


In a post she made on Facebook, Moore says that her five kids were terrified and traumatized by the opening minutes of Insidious: Chapter 3, which is rated PG-13 but is nevertheless not quite suited for the Disney audience. And though the tickets were refunded, the mother is none too pleased about the mix-up.

I got our money back but the damage is already done … my children are terrified and keep asking questions,” said Moore.

Insidious Inside Out

The theater refunded all tickets purchased for that showing, and even upgraded the audience’s future passes for Inside Out to 3D. They say that Moore’s complaints are the only ones they have received, and they chalk the error up to a simple mistake – after all, both films begin with the same first five letters.

As much as I hate when movie theaters screw up, I’m not quite sure the first few seconds of a film like Insidious: Chapter 3 have the power to corrupt young minds. Free tickets and an apology should be more than enough to cover this one, so here’s hoping angry mom doesn’t haul the theater off to court.

Mistakes are what makes the world go round!

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  1. If it were the first film, I could understand. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Insidious 1, but every time it comes on, those opening moments where the score begins and we get our first glimpse at the Bride in Black still scare the hell out of me and I can never watch that intro (let alone, the rest of the movie) in the dark. However, Chapter 3 (*minor SPOILER alert) only opens with a quick title card that’s not scary at all and than the story begins with Quinn visiting Elise. They talk for a while before anything remotely scary happens and by then, I’m sure they would’ve realized they were watching the wrong movie. Simple mistake. Kinda makes me laugh, actually. Hope the mother ends her “outrage” there!

  2. ““I got our money back but the damage is already done … my children are terrified and keep asking questions”

    oh no, a child asking questions, quick surpress their knowledge and lie to them so they spend their lives wondering why things dont make sense which scares them more until they have psychological trauma, this woman sounds like a religious nut


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