$123 million.  Say it again, $123 million!  The opening weekend numbers for the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT  has blown away all expectations.  That’s double the already high numbers predicted for the long awaited film, and for many theater goers, especially those who know the book, the one question the want answered is when will we see the IT sequel.

Entertainment Weekly reporter Anthony Breznican spoke with producer/director Andy Muschietti and his sister and co-producer Barbara Muschietti to bring us a few of the details for the highly anticipated sequel.

First off, the sequel hasn’t actually been given the green light for production, yet, though it’s anticipated to come soon.  I mean…$123 million?  OF COURSE, the second chapter of the King classic will make its way to the screen, and the script is already being finessed and prepared for shooting.

While the adult versions of the Losers Club did not appear in this film, and actually haven’t been cast yet, the child actors who portrayed the central characters will return to the sequel in flashbacks, but they’ll also be integral to the storytelling of the second half because those childhood experiences inform who these characters are as adults.  This also puts a bit of a rush on that sequel green light because they won’t want the child actors to have aged too much to sustain continuity.

Muschietti also told EW that the second half of the IT story will include a much darker set of circumstances for Mike Hanlon who stays behind as the other members of the Losers Club flee the town of Derry despite their vow to fight the evil should it ever rise again.  The director says that he envisions Mike with a serious drug problem due to the trauma of staying and enduring the evil that resides in Derry on a daily basis.

One thing seems certain, however, with the success of this film and the positive response from fans and critics alike.  Good storytelling makes good movies regardless of genre and IT will very well go down in history as the most successful big screen adaptation of a Stephen King novel. Period.

Now, let’s set our clocks to countdown to IT Chapter 2.


Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer Caption: BILL SKARSGÅRD as Pennywise in New Line Cinema’s horror thriller “IT,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.)



  1. I realize nothing hasn’t been made ‘official’, but I don’t know who they think they are kidding! The book is known for 2 sections, kids & adults, the kids story just made $123 million in 3 days! Who knows how much more. So to sit here and even speculate that they might not due a second film is a joke! The second chapter dealing with the now adults will probably be better for that fact alone, also that the adult portion in the mini-series was the least popular part of that. Hell that’s probably the sole driving force for Muschietti right there, make his adult portion better than mini-series portion, cuz he surely did it with the kids portion. 🎈

  2. All you have to do is watch this movie and think like an adult, and case closed. Obviously it’s fake. Ghosts aren’t real…and even if you want to have some kind of belief in the paranoral, this movie took things WAY far.

    That said, I loved the movie as a work of creepy fiction. It was well done and the actors were great, and the guy shooting the movie was a lot of fun and had good humor to keep things movie.

    I keep seeing people debating this movie around the internet. Grow up, children.

  3. I enjoyed it but found it a bit too far fetched to be real. I read somewhere that the main guy in this was also in a movie called The Phoenix 97 Tapes (or something along those lines). Might help give you a lead to his identity! 🙂

  4. So I totally thought this movie was real. Until I started watching another movie on Amazon prime called “The Phoenix Lights.” The same guy who supposedly shot and filmed Blackwell ghost was also in the Phoenix Lights and that documentary was supposedly “real footage” and that guy disappeared in 1997. How does he end up in a documentary 20 years later if he disappeared????
    I believe both movies are fake as fake can be. Good though. They almost had me believing.

  5. I know that a) once a call is made to the fire department they respond no matter what you tell them on the callback, you can’t cancel them. 2) were the cops called ?? There would be a police report if they were called to that residence. Also, the ball on top of the sewer was suppose to be the ” seal the deal” footage of paranormal activity but I was left wondering who put the channel locks back in place , the exact place , to prop the sewer/well cap open? Well made movie but definitely a fake.


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