New NIN Video For ‘Less Than’ Is Hypnotically Awesome

Not many bands make the decision to come out with a trilogy of EP’s. Then again, not every band is Trent Reznor and by extension Nine Inch Nails. The trilogy of EP’s that began with NOT THE ACTUAL EVENTS, has its second entry with ADD VIOLENCE. The announcement came paired with a hypnotic gamer centric video for new single, Less than.

The new NIN video is hyper-energy charged by candy colored chaos. This one comes with a little bit of history for gamer nerds like myself.  The game being played in the video is the at one time mythical POLYBIUS. A bit of an urban legend of the 80s, POLYBIUS was an arcade game cabinet that came with a ton of horrific lore. It was one of those cabinets that everyone would say they had played but would disappear without a trace when said gamer would try to revisit for proof. It was said to drive you to madness and in some instances lore said that the game would unleash an entity to come take your soul. POLYBIUS has also made appearances in several moments in pop culture over the years including The Simpsons and Hulu’s Dimension 404.

Lucky for us, Llamasoft developed the game into a reality for Playstation 4. In addition to that awesomeness it’s also the star in the latest NIN video. Feast your eyes on POLYBIUS and NIN’s new Less Than and let us know what you guys think!