Written by Patti Pauley

You’ve seen them at every carnival, and you’ve also probably been suckered into emptying your wallet into the frustrating game just to win some cheap, bean-bag filled stuffed animal for your girlfriend or child. The knock ’em down games inhabit every midway, and yes some may be legit, but we’ve also all heard those stories that these addicting “skill games” are also rigged to get you to spend as much as you can. Sneaky, sneaky hobbitses…

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The initial draw in besides that pesky booth operator yelling at you to “try your luck”, is, of course, the colorful, yet creepy display of what usually consist of clowns lined up and down the booth just waiting for you to knock that damn stupid smile off their face. Online nightmares for your home store Horror Decor took the familiar image that haunts the seemingly impossible game at times and formed the Killer Carnival Punks line back in 2015. The both fun and decorative detailed pillows that ring all the nostalgia bells without the stench of stale popcorn and drunken clown puke, and let’s get real here, way cheaper than what the average person would spend at one of these things are just the coolest ever. AND bonus, you can chuck as many baseballs at the little creeps all you want! The line of midway inspired pillows are adored by fans, and today we got three new ones both you, and I aren’t going to want to miss! Fans of Creepshow, The Goonies, and Are You Afraid of the Dark, behold the new Killer Carnival Punks in all their fuzzy-haired glory!



Officially labeled as Moss Man, Fun House Clown, and the Treasure Hunter, the new free-standing Carnival Punks are the third release in the Killer Carnival Punk series, featuring artwork by Nik Holmes. Each furry back-sided little fellow stands at a respectable 14″ and are available for $25 a piece, or splurge and grab the trio for a discounted price of $60 by heading over to HorrorDecor.net right now by clicking here

And remember, if you decide to make your own carnival game with these guys,  It’s the most fun in the park when you’re laughing in the dark. 

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