The current undisputed king of subscription streaming services, Netflix has long-since established itself as a reliable source for quality original TV series, and has slowly but surely began to make headway in the realm of original feature films. More specifically relevant to our fine readership are Netflix’s so-far excellent efforts in the horror arena, first with the Stephen King-esque 80s throwback series Stranger Things, and more recently with the well-received Osgood Perkins fright flick I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House.


Arriving on the service next Friday, December 9th, Netflix’s second attempt at an original horror film is Spectral, a film that at its core concerns a badass team of special forces soldiers that are sent in to reclaim a European city from the clutches of an army of supernatural beings. What exactly these beings are is unclear as of yet, but they certainly do resemble ghosts, that is if ghosts opted to join forces and form murder squads. Netflix has released the full trailer for the film, which you can feast your eyes on directly below.

Remember, unlike with most trailers, you don’t have to wait months to see the finished product, as it’ll be on Netflix less than a week from now. Hopefully Spectral does for soldiers shooting it out with ghosts what the 2002 Neil Marshall classic Dog Soldiers did for soldiers shooting it out with werewolves.