Netflix goes ‘Dark’ in December

With slight hints of Stranger Things perhaps for the older set, the Netflix original series Dark is scheduled to premiere in December.

This import was filmed in German so the entire 10 episode run is captioned in English.

But even if you don’t like to “read” your movies, this one may be worth the eye-strain, it looks like a ghostly good time.

Dark is a supernatural thriller which follows four families who set out to find answers to what happened to a missing child, or at least the truth about who or what took him.

The aforementioned Stranger Things had a great run in October with its Chapter 2.

Now that Nielsen counts viewership in Netflix, there might be some concerns about renewing a series if it’s not watched by a certain number.

It is estimated that 4 million streamers watched Stranger Things 2 per episode on its debut and a third season has already been greenlit.