Netflix have finally announced the voice cast for their upcoming Castlevania series. Castlevania has been a juggernaut in horror gaming ever since the first games debut on PC way back in 1986. The game only gained in popularity upon being ported over to the NES where it would reach a wider audience. Pretty soon after it’s popularity exploded and here we are 28 years later and still receiving entries in the Castlevania series.

The full reveal was done by the shows producer Adi Shankar as well as the shows Dracula, Graham McTavish. Any fan of Castlevania knows that when Dracula shows up, a Belmont isn’t far off. Next on the list of announcements is none other than Dracula’s son himself Alucard, who has been a fan favorite character ever since Symphony of the Night and is being portrayed by James Callis.

The rest of the announcement is as follows, Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha, Emily Swallow playing Lisa Tepes, Matt Fewer playing The Bishop, and finally Tony Amendola as the The Elder. With everyone in this cast having considerable and varying experiences under their belts, Netflix’s Castlevania is starting to show some real promise, now we wait for the final product.

Castlevania has made an impact on many gamers throughout the years, and has been slowly being spread out across several different mediums. From comic books to toy lines, before Netflix stepped in and started work on it’s own original series there were plans for a feature length movie. A movie that James Wan himself expressed interest in working on, maybe some day we’ll see that gem.


If the series does well with fans and critics alike then we could be facing the rebirth of the Castlevania series. It’s no secret the series has fallen on hard times as of late, and is struggling to keep the elements that made the older additions to the series special to so many gamers.

We’re already seeing spiritual successors like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night being developed and funded on Kickstarter, maybe the series will be able to breathe life into a dying franchise. Or maybe with the addition of “erotic violence” to the series the official video games are better off dead. What are your thoughts over the voice cast? Who is going to be joining me in binging the series on day one. Let’s hear what you guys have to say over the casting decisions in the comments below.