NECA Unveils Atari Video Game Leatherface Action Figure


It was two years ago at the San Diego Comic-Con that toy company NECA put up for grabs a Jason Voorhees action figure based on the horror icon’s NES video game, and the toy spawned an entire line of video game-inspired collectibles. Freddy Krueger got one soon thereafter, and now Leatherface joins the club.

Wizard Video released a Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game for the Atari 2600 back in 1982, and much like the video game versions of Jason and Freddy, Leatherface didn’t exactly look the way he did in the movies. In fact, his entire body was at times green and at others blue, and his face a tan block.

The cool thing about the side-scrolling game was that you actually got to play as Leatherface, tasked with running around and slicing up people with his trusty chainsaw. Well, it was supposed to be a chainsaw at least, but looked more like an extension of Leatherface’s body.

Just unveiled today at Comic-Con, NECA’s Atari Leatherface recreates the wacky look of the video game, the green-bodied Leatherface coming equipped with a vinyl apron and chainsaw. Standing 7″ tall, the figure will be housed inside of a box that replicates the video game’s packaging.

Check out the unique new toy below and head over to Big Bad Toy Store to pre-order one for yourself. They’re set to begin shipping in October.

Atari Leatherface

[youtube id=”BS2b5mXUKMg”]


  1. Worst game adaptation ever, even by ATARI’s standards. 8-bit chainsaw isn’t as threatening as E.T. Fences are used as obstacles, and you have to kill the same person over and over. If you don’t keep killing people, the chainsaw runs out of gas and you lose.
    At least Wizard put a bit more effort into their Halloween adaptation. That game had an 8-bit version of the theme music.


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