Just a few days back, our own Trey Hillburn III offered up ten reasons to tune in for the remaining episodes of embattled NBC horror/drama Constantine, in the hopes that increased viewership and social media chatter might lead to a second season. While the network still has yet to offer an official word on Constantine’s future, a new report by the website Cinelinx suggests that the show might not be completely doomed.

According to the report, NBC doesn’t see Constantine’s ratings as being impressive enough to warrant another season on their main network, but is considering moving the series to sister cable station Syfy for season two. A marathon of Constantine episodes on Syfy earlier this year did quite well by cable ratings standards, and NBC feels like the series’ heavy social media presence and passionate fanbase make it a good candidate for new life on a network where the Nielsen demands won’t be quite as high.

Constantine cast

In addition to a possible move, the report says that NBC is mulling whether to change Constantine’s name to Hellblazer, the moniker of the character’s original comic book adventures. Along with the name change would come the freedom to take the series in a darker direction, while still retaining the same cast and crew.

That said, fans are advised to take this story with a grain of salt. Until NBC goes on the record about Constantine’s fate, nothing is for sure. Still, here’s hoping Matt Ryan’s excellent run as John Constantine is far from over.