It wasn’t too long ago that nature runs amok films were tepid box office draws even if they were considered B-movies.

Who can forget Frogs, Food of the Gods or Joan Collins in Empire of the Ants?

But a recent photo of a bullfrog posted to the South Texas Hunting Association’s Facebook page seems to imply that the critter took a giant sip of toxic waste and grew to the size of one of the Olsen twins.

Markcuz Rangel is the man in the photo holding on to the giant creature in one hand, and his rifle in the other.

South Texas Hunting Assoc.

The post says the monster amphibian was captured in Batesville.

“Wanted to share a monster bull frog we got yesterday afternoon at one of our fishing ponds in South Texas ranch located in Batesville tx 13lb monster frog!!!”

But hold on, before you go kissing this prince in disguise, Steve Lightfoot of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department told NBC DFW it could just be an optical illusion, a forced perspective a trick tourists do when they take pictures next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa as if they are holding it up.

“Since there is nothing to gain reference with, such as a hand around the frog, there’s no way to say for certain how big it is,” said Lightfoot.

South Texas Hunting Assoc.

He adds that the hunter is welcome to bring in the beast to have it weighed by a Texas Park biologist.

The world’s largest frog according to San Diego Zoo is the Goliath frog. It is native to the rain forests of Western Africa. And they can get to be 12.5 inches long and can weigh up to 7.2 pounds.

But Rangel’s alleged creature was found in Texas, not Skull Island, where it wouldn’t surprise us at all if it turned out to be real because as we know everything is bigger there.

What say you?


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