My Little Pony Transformed Into Mad Max: Fury Road!


Bronies everywhere: Let us all pause for a moment of silence and look upon thy national treasure. It has become common practice among toy artists and enthusiasts to create something unique- a mash-up if you will, of nostalgic toys and making them into something new.  Artist Kelsey Wailes has done just that with a little bit of the following materials: Polymer clay, acrylics, leather, faux fur and of course, My Little Pony figures. With a little patience and love you have Pony representations of Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, Nux, and Immortan Joe. Aren’t they beautiful?


mad max pony1

mad max pony 2

mad max pony 3



mad max pny 4

mad max pny 5

mad max pny 6

mad max pny 7

mad max pny 8



Now, most of the time, one of a kind toys such as these usually aren’t for sale. They are purely just something fun that the artist did and with all the glory that is the internet, it goes viral; Allowing us to feast our eyes on brilliance such as what I have brought you. Although apparently, these little masterpieces were available a few short days ago at the Awesome Con in Washington D.C.  A day late and a buck short still doesn’t mean we can’t bask in brony fury glory. And who knows, with enough inquiries to the artist, this may become available again for purchase.