As made clear in Stephen King’s legendarily epic novel IT, every 27 years like clockwork, the titular shape-shifting monster wakes up and feeds on both the fear and the flesh of its victims. Said victims are of course usually children, who are generally much more easily manipulated and prone to believing in things.

IT2017 stephen king adaptation

Appropriately, 27 years after the TV debut of director Tommy Lee Wallace’s IT miniseries starring Tim Curry as Pennywise, director Andy Muschetti and Warner Bros. are preparing to unleash the first theatrical adaptation of IT to the masses. Well, technically part 1 of that adaptation, with the second part in the works.

During Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards ceremony, a new sneak preview trailer of IT was released, and in case you missed it, we’ve got the goods for you here at iHorror.

The focus is mostly on the group dynamic among the Losers’ Club this time out, but Pennywise still makes his presence felt in a memorable way, complete with lots and lots of balloons.

Well, that was something, was it not? Interestingly enough, producers have still opted to avoid revealing Pennywise’s new speaking voice, something many fans are absolutely dying to hear already.

As with the previously released IT footage, this sneak preview does nothing to change the growing perception that Muschetti’s IT might finally be the more faithful, R-rated adaptation of the classic book that King fans deserve.

IT, Part 1 floats into theaters on September 8th.

Stephen King's IT (2017) trailer - Pennywise Submerged


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