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The trailer for Finders Keepers immediately caught my eye. First I noticed that the family home in which the movie takes place in looked very similar to the home in House (1986). Promptly I did some research and according to IMDB the home is a replica of the home in House. Second, Tobin Bell (Saw Franchise) was in the film, this made me want to see the movie more. Finally to top it off, a movie about a killer doll, score!

(The similarities of the two houses can be seen below).

Finders Keepers (2014)
Finders Keepers (2014)
House (1986)
House (1986)

Finders Keepers was released in 2014 for the SyFy Channel and will be released in Redbox on January 6, 2015. Alyson Simon (Jaime Pressly) has recently separated from her husband and Alyson moves into a new house with her daughter Claire (Kylie Rogers). The two have a chance to redeem themselves with a new home and a new life. However, Allsyon is unaware her new home was once the scene of a grizzly murder when the ten-year-old son of the previous tenants killed the entire family. As the two are settling down in their new home, Clair finds an odd doll in her room and instantly gravitates to it. Clair’s behavior begins to change, and she becomes obsessed with the doll. Alyson suspects that the doll might be causing the strange behaviors that Claire has been experiencing lately. Alyson begins to feel overwhelmed and does not know what to do. Alyson seeks assistance from Child Psychiatrist Dr.Freeman (SAWs Tobin Bell) and her ex-husband Jonathan (Starship Troopers Patrick Muldoon ). Alyson begins to panic and realize the severity when she starts to discover dead bodies; she is not only fighting for her life, but the life of her daughter.

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I had a lot of fun with this film. It was not particularly gory. However, the movie is incredibly menacing at times creating uneasiness. The doll used in the movie was  very creepy, and the appearance made me believe that it could commit malicious acts of terror at any time. I know that SyFy in the past has had a reputation for not releasing the best films, but this one was damn good and kept me interested. Young actress Kylie Rogers did a fantastic job in this movie; her performance was very believable. It was also a treat to watch Tobin Bell; I had not seen him in anything since his performance in Saw 3D: The Final Chapter back in 2010. If you are looking for something fun and  watchable, you will enjoy Finders Keepers.

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Finders Keepers is available for pre-order on Amazon.