Written by Patti Pauley

Horror movies, friends, and booze. Is there really any other correct way to spend a delightful Friday evening? Of course not! Pass me the whiskey, Lloyd!


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“Let’s Get Monster Smashed! Horror Movie Drinks for a Killer Time” is an all new bad-ass cocktail recipe book by Jon and Marc Chaiet and brought to us by Schiffer Publishing, is currently available on Amazon for both horror movie and fancy-schmancy drink aficionados.  Gorgeously packaged ’80s VHS style, “Monster Smashed” contains 55 horror movie inspired drink recipes spread over five chapters of the book including cocktails such as the Dream Warriors syringe shots and a Cenobite jello mold!

“Shots, gelatin, punches, special fx, and non-alcoholic (drinks) inspired by classic pulp horror movies of the ’80s and ’90s, complete with viewing recommendations. The movies may be weird, the drinks may look gross, but the elevated drink making techniques and unusually tasty recipes keep readers and their guests interested and coming back for more. Great for theme parties, Halloween festivals, movie fans, and retro enthusiasts.”


Beetleguese Drink


Cenobite Mold


Brundlefly Research


Dream Warriors Booze Syringe


Chucky’s Shot


iHorror’s own Waylon Jordon recently tested out a few recipes in the “Monster Smashed” book of boozy goodness. Particularly the cocktails inspired by Evil Dead ( Boom Stick) and Friday the 13th ( Camp Crystal Lake Sangria), and here’s his thoughts:

“The Camp Crystal Lake Sangria was definitely the hit of the night. It had just the right balance of dry and sweet. I mixed it up the night before and let the fresh fruit soak in the Sangria overnight. The flavors were amazing!”


“The Boom Stick was problematic. I tried several methods to rim the glasses with the Pop Rocks and none of them were very successful. After multiple fails, I ended up spooning them into the glasses and pouring the mixed drink over the top of it. The drink had a nice flavor but the addition of the Pop Rocks was necessary to offset the sourness of the mixture as is.”


You can pick up a copy of “Let’s Get Monster Smashed: Horror Movie Drinks for a Killer Time” by heading over to Amazon today!