Written by Patti Pauley

If there’s one thing my seven-year-old loves more than the gargantuan load of candy he seems to hustle out of our neighbors every Halloween, (good for you kid), it’s the various Monster Cereal that with its arrival, let’s us know the witching season is upon us. Also, I frankly don’t give a damn that it’s still August and we’re already talking the Halloween season because in this 100-degree heat let’s be honest, the relief of the Fall season and the festival of Samhain can’t come fast enough! Also, I want some mother-fucken Count Chocula in my mornings again, thank you very much.


Over the past few days, blogs such as Dinosaur Dracula and Cerealously.net have spotted the sugary national treasures on retailers shelves, letting us know that the 2017 Halloween season, along with various sightings of gorgeous spooky deco for your haunted home, is beginning to show its beautiful face. And we really couldn’t be more excited! Especially for my inner fat-kid to stuff my face with diabetic marshmallowy goodness. Even with the really cool sightings and early reviews of the 2017 Monster Cereals, we finally got the official announcement and new box look today from the General Mills blog  that showcases Boo, Frank, and the Count looking as yummy as ever and even brought along a few GM mascot friends for the spooky countdown to Halloween!


Image credit: General Mills


The artwork on the box bringing together various cartoon cereal and foodie mascots in an all out monster bash is kind of the cutest thing ever. Familiar faces from those the all-important food group that is the cereal such as Cocoa Puffs’ Sonny and that Silly Rabbit who will never get to eat some damn Trix, are partaking in this year’s Halloween cereal festivities, even with an appearance from the Pillsbury Doughboy! Perhaps even cooler is the character swap between the Monster mascots themselves with Count Chocula dressed as Frank, Franken-Berry donning a ghostly sheet, and Boo-Berry sporting a wicked Count cape.

Be still my heart, the Monster Cereals are back. Just don’t tell my kid until I get that first bite. Don’t judge. I’m a selfish and hangry parent. In the meantime, check out a closer look of the 2017 Monster Cereal art in the gallery below!



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