Michael Gross Says He Won’t Be Part of Tremors TV Series


When the original Tremors film arrived back in 1990, it’s doubtful that anyone would have anticipated how long-lasting of a franchise it would spawn. There have so far been four sequels to Tremors, with a fifth on the way next year. A short-lived Tremors TV series also aired on the Sci-Fi Channel back in 2003.

Throughout all these Tremors projects, there has been one constant. Or rather, two constants, if one counts the Graboids themselves. That constant is Michael Gross, who has portrayed Perfection, Nevada’s local survivalist and gun enthusiast Burt Gummer since the original film.

Burt was originally a supporting character, but by Tremors 3, he had become the lead, and has stayed in that position ever since. That is until Syfy’s upcoming new Tremors series, which features the return of Kevin Bacon to the franchise.

This latest Tremors TV series ignores the film sequels, and functions as a belated follow-up to the first movie. In this timeline, Bacon’s Val McKee never left Perfection, and has sort of become a town joke due to not being able to get over the one time he got to be a hero. It seems Graboids haven’t attacked in 25 years, and Perfection has moved on. For now anyway.

That premise doesn’t seem to leave any room for Burt, and sure enough, Gross recently took to Facebook to confirm that he won’t be involved with the Syfy series.

“For Tremors fans who have been asking, ‘Will Kevin Bacon return to do the films?’ or ‘Is your Burt Gummer character going to be in Kevin’s series?’ I think we can say with a good deal of certainty that the answer to both questions is NO. The series is currently shooting in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I have no other details.”

Tremors 5 - Burt Gummer and Travis Welker

Well, this is truly the end of a Tremors era. For the first time, Graboids will attack Perfection, and Burt Gummer won’t be there to blast away at them with bombs and machine guns.

Those wanting another Burt Gummer fix will have to wait until next May, when Tremors 6 hits home video. The entire creative team behind Tremors 5 has come back, along with Gross’ co-star Jamie Kennedy.

Tremors 5 trailer