Create Your Own “Stilt-Spirit” and Terrorize Your Town!


This may be one of the creepiest homemade costumes that I’ve ever seen. Melissa Irwin, an American woman, has created what she calls her “stilt spirits” out of materials just about anyone can buy with the help of Joann Fabric and Amazon.

The four-legged monster is scary enough with its giant, lumbering steps, but the mask is what really puts the whole package together. Inspired by the works of Hideo Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke) and the landstriders from The Dark Crystal, Irwin’s stilt spirit is a one-of-a-kind costume that’s literally begging for you to make your own version.

But really, pictures don’t do this thing justice. You need to see the way it moves to truly understand why it’s so haunting. Luckily, we have exactly that! In 2010, Irwin posted a video from her YouTube account GeneralTampon (no comment on the name) that shows her making the costume and then testing it out on the town. The reactions from the innocent bystanders are priceless. It’s hard to watch this and not desperately want to do this to your own town…isn’t it?

Melissa Irwin seems to be business-savvy enough, as she’s put up a tutorial on her Etsy store (click here) which you can download for ten dollars. Which, really, is a great deal for something this unique. The download includes:

• 3 Downloadable PDF files
• 22 pages of illustrations (by me) and photos to show step by step how I created this costume
• Tutorial shows all materials purchased, where they were purchased, step by step instructions to create the costume and step by step instructions on how to wear the costume

* Please know there are NO patterns in this tutorial. Every costume will be slightly different as everyone is a different body type and you will need to follow the instructions to find your own measurements.

* If you have any issues downloading the tutorial please contact me right away and I will be happy to assist you.

* If you have trouble understanding the tutorial in anyway, please contact me and I will be happy to help and answer your questions.

So, it seems that not only is she pretty talented, but she’s down to earth as well. Kudos on that! Thanks to InsiderArt for bringing the costume to our attention via this video. Remember, Halloween is approaching…so get on it!