Hello fellow horror fans! This is a new category for iHorror and new is always good right? Well maybe except for remakes. But us writers at iHorror want to introduce ourselves and show that horror runs in our blood even after typing out these articles. I would like to introduce you to the girl that can make Beetlejuice at a loss for words, the frightful babe, Patti Pauley. Patti has been writing for iHorror for over a year now and is constantly stalking the Internet for more gruesome news.

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 Let’s start with one of the most important questions what got you into the horror genre? 

“My dad and grandfather were/ are big horror nuts so I was thrown into the genre very early. My grandfather was huge on old Universal movies, and we watched them all the time together when I was young and play acted scenes from Frankenstein. He passed away. But he I think initiated it. I was immediately hooked. Then my dad took it a step further and introduced me to Freddy and the rest of the slashers from the 80s. My dad is thee man. Thanks dad for my unhealthy obsession.” 

 Who is your horror icon? 

“It’s hard to pick just one horror icon. But if I must, Vincent Price is the man. He’s so legandary and I just love his horror flair. His voice, his movies. He’s perfection. But Elsa Lanchester (the bride of Frankenstein) Robert Englund, Elvira and Boris Karloff ranks right up there.”


How did you get involved with iHorror? 

“It was almost kind of an accident. A friend of mine let me know they were looking for writers and said it was something maybe I should try. I’ve honestly never had any blogging experience. I’m just always running at the mouth about horror films. I figured for shits and giggles I’d give it a shot. Turns out I may have my niche! I really enjoy doing what I do and to be able to learn and grow here at iHorror is beyond amazing.”

What has been your favorite piece that you wrote on iHorror or do you have a favorite article by someone on the site? 

“Oh, there’s been a LOT of articles I’ve done that I’m pretty proud of. But honestly, my recent 10 Of The Biggest Bitches In Horror Films was an absolute joy to write. It was a fucking blast to throw that one out there and for it to get a good response made me happy. As far as the other writers I always enjoy reading their stuff, but the Landon Evanson  5 Reasons To Re-Watch Silver Bullet made me swell up with pride and joy as I’ve never known another person to share the love of that film like I have for it.”


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You have many MANY tattoos. Do you have any horror/movie related ones? 

“I do have a lot. Lol. Yeah I have quite a few and all except one has been done by my husband who’s very talented and owns his own shop in Las vegas, LAST CHANCE TATTOO (iHorror note: FOR REAL CHECK OUT THEIR STUFF! AMAZING). I have blade from puppet master, the Jason Vorhees mask, pinup of the Bride of Frankenstein, Rocky Horror quote don’t dream it, be it with the infamous lips, a Jack O’ Lantern butterfly, zombie Hello Kitty and Jaws with a top hat and monocle. It had to be done. Because people fail to see what a gentleman and scholar Bruce the shark really is.”

What has been one of the most memorable moments of writing for iHorror? 

“Honestly, the most memorable moment are the friends I’ve made with Anthony (iHorror note: Anthony is the reason why we are all here so PRAISE HIM)  and the rest of the writers here at iHorror. Nothing will ever top that as I feel like we’ve become very close and its like a family to me. I love this site and these guys that keep it going. However, meeting and INTERVIEWING ELVIRA   (iHorror Note: Who doesn’t want to read more about Elvira? I mean she clearly is the sexiest horror icon of all time!)  is a pretty close second.”

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