Using The Walking Dead to Create Love Connections


If there’s one thing tougher than navigating the zombie apocalypse, it’s dating, am I right folks? Corny jokes aside, in the internet age, there are many ways to meet like-minded people that one might want to start a relationship with, one of these being the popular online dating site

In a new bid to try and connect potential romantic partners based on their shared TV preferences, Match is debuting a new feature in which subscribers are invited to gather for a live online group chat during the latest episode of a popular show, in the hopes that sparks will fly and things will continue in private.

Walking Dead - Glenn and Maggie Kiss

According to Variety, the first such show Match has decided to do this during is tonight’s premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, a.k.a. the most watched scripted series on TV.

Singles will be able to meet and hopefully bond over their collective love of watching zombies eat people, and/or watching Negan bash brains in with Lucille. decided to do this after conducting a study that revealed that “millennials are 270% more likely than those of other generations to be turned on by someone who watches the same shows as they do.”

For those interested in signing up to participate, The Walking Dead season 7.5 premiere airs tonight at 9pm EST. May your love connections be considerably hotter than the cold, rotting flesh of a walker. Also, keep a look out for “Shanes.” They might be outwardly attractive, but they’re secretly crazy as hell.